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Avail our quality assured products like Intelligent Queue Management System, Nurse Call System, Information Display System, LED Head Light, etc.

About Us

The excellence of the products designed and developed by our company called Baid Power Services Pvt. Ltd. has enabled us to attain ISO 9001:2015 certification. Our manufacturer, importer and supplier type entity is serving different industries including Defence, Railways Equipment, Power Distribution & Transmission, Steel Plants, Healthcare Institution and many more. From us, customers can avail items like LED Head Light, Information Display System, Nurse Call System, Queue Management System, etc. The products we supply are made from quality raw material that is checked on multiple parameters before use. We have an R&D unit that helps us innovate and offer a customized array as per the specific requirement of clients.

Owing to modern production and research facilities, we are capable of producing the products in bulk and meet even the urgent needs with ease. Since our very first deal in the year 2003, we have been meeting the expectations of customers and this has resulted in our survival and strong relationship with buyers. In order to avail products from us, customers can place their order even via a call or by visiting us at our place.

It is the assistance of our team that is enabling us to stand out in the market and bring the best for clients. The innovative ideas of our professionals are helping us stand out in the market and maintain our reputed image.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to be the most trusted, preferred and respected brand for buying various electrical products that have application in Power Transmission & Distribution, Control & Instrumentation as well as in Healthcare segments.

Our mission is to provide customized solutions with the help of modern technology. We are also focused to deliver cost-effective and quality assured items, delivering them to global customers and attaining their satisfaction.

Expertise and Technologies

The focus areas of our company include:

  • Power Electronics: HF and LF Inverters, Battery Chargers, AC drives, Solar Chargers / Inverters, DC Drives, BLDC Motor control, Intelligent Power Supply SMPS and LED Drivers.
  • Control and Metering: Multi Function Meters, Digital Panel Meters, Energy Meters, Protective And Control Relays, Power Factor Controller/Meters, etc.
  • System Control Equipment: Battery Charger controller, Auto Mains Failure Controller and Digital Servo Voltage stabilizer Controller.
  • IoT plus embedded platforms like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, embedded, data acquisition, cloud and SCADA systems
  • ISM Band for digital radio communications

Our in-house facilities include the following:

  • Circuit design for electrical and control equipment
  • PCB design for analog/digital/ high frequency PCBs
  • PCB testing and assembly
  • Transformer design winding testing and fitting
  • Control panel fabrication, testing and wiring
  • Controller programming/Microprocessor
  • Embedded circuit designing/production for power electronics and control equipment

Our company also offers design services in the fields of Power Electronics Product Design, Embedded System Design, Product Development Services, PCB Design, Design Profile, Hardware Design, Platform Expertise, Development Models, etc.

Environmental Policy

We make sure to minimize the impact of activities by following strict environmental management system policies. We do not create any type of pollution, reduce the production of waste, work towards conservation of energy, recovery/treatment of emissions and releases, re-cycling and make optimum use of the resource. Our experts keep on reviewing our environmental policies to bring the changes accordingly. We also comply with applicable legal and other requirements related to our ecological aspects.   

Our Clients

We have served clients customers from different sectors with our Information Display System, LED Head Light, Queue Management System, Nurse Call System, etc. and some renowned names who have purchased our goods include the following:

  • Gun Carrage Factory-Jabalpur
  • Techno Power Enterprises (P) Ltd.
  • Indian Oil Corporation Limited (Gujrat)
  • Shib Engineering (Nepal)
  • Super Smelters Limited
  • AK Enterprise
  • Auro Industries Ltd.
  • Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd.
  • Mahaveer Construction
  • Mozambique through M/s. Centrom Constructions
  • D.D Enterprise A/c ONGC
  • Roy Enterprise
  • Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd.
  • Chittaranjan Locomotive Works
  • Shambhavi Construction & Engineering Co
  • Yazdhani Steeel & Power Limited
  • Skipper Limited

Assurance of Quality

We are committed to delivering quality products that are safe, reliable and efficient. Our company has developed a fundamental base of mandatory quality requirements for all the orders received. Our Quality Assurance Program (QAP) is planned actions, to assure that the best is delivered to customers. The quality management approach is based on customer focus, involvement of people, leadership, process-based approach, system approach to management, factual approach to decision-making and mutually beneficial supplier relationships. Further, timely review of the quality management system is done for continuous suitability and effectiveness.

Quality Policy

In order to satisfy customers, it is important to maintain quality in the offerings and thus we are doing the same. Be it during the stage of procurement, designing, development, etc. our company ensures that quality is not being compromised at any level. Our quality-driven working approach has enabled us to attain the loyalty of customers and attain a reputed market image. We strictly adhere to the industrial norms and take effective measures to improvise the quality of our products. The management conducts auditing after regular intervals of time to identify the areas that need improvisation.

Quality Policy Objective

The objective of our quality policies is to make our employees understand that it is their responsibility to maintain flawlessness in the manufactured range. Further, our objective is to make them understand that it is their duty to meet the needs, requirements and prospects of customers as mentioned in contract documents.

Process and Scope Objective

Filing, cataloging, and distribution of project documents are included in this process. The objective of this procedure is to ensure that information needed for the management of the project is readily available.

  • Document Control Procedures: The documents that are needed for the project are catalogued, filed, and disseminated as needed.
  • Responsibility for Document Control: The responsibility for project document control is given to the project manager.

Design and Development Control

  • Process Scope & Objectives: In this process design of the system is done and its objective is to make sure that clients requirement is met with accuracy, complete designing plus production documents.
  • Design Quality Defined: It is defined by the documents that reflect the needs of the client in the functional systems.
  • Responsibility For Design Quality: The responsibility for design quality is given to project engineers who work under the guidance of the project manager by adhering to all the conditions mentioned in the contract document.
  • Client Need Identification: In the foremost step of the designing process, need of the client is identified. Our professionals meet client and end-users of the system(s) to define the scope of the project and system performance need.
  • Codes & Standards Review: After identifying the project scope and system requirements, we determine suitable codes and standards for the project.
  • Feasibility & Value Analysis: Viable design alternatives based on operation, construction and maintenance considerations are identified by our team that meets customers need.

Procurement Control

  • Materials & Equipment: Only those suppliers of materials and equipment are selected who meet our criteria. We evaluate the suppliers on basis of their past experience, commitment to quality, ability to meet deadlines, after-sale service and support, material and equipment installation characteristics, etc.
  • Selection of Tools & Equipment: The most suitable tools and equipment are selected so that productivity can be boosted and the work pressure of our employees can be reduced.
  • Transportation & Storage of Tools & Equipment: The transportation is done with great care so that the tools and equipment stay protected from damage.
  • Calibration And Testing Of Tools & Equipment: Tools and equipment are tested after regular intervals and before use as well. Calibration is carried out by qualified technicians in a controlled environment with respect to the industry norms.
  • Repair of Tools & Equipment: We mark the tools that require repairing so that their accidental use can be avoided and they are fixed on an immediate basis.
  • In-Coming Material test and Evaluation: All material, tools and machinery are evaluated to ensure they are suitable, qualitative and reliable.

Finish Product Quality Control

  • Out-Going Material test and Evaluation: Every single product manufactured, be it Information Display System or Nurse Call System, undergoes strict quality check so that their excellence can be assured.
  • Responsibility: Dexterous quality controllers are given the responsibility of inspecting the range on necessary parameters.

Total Quality Management

Our company strives for total quality management as this helps in the development of quality products. It is because of our TQM system, we are confident about the quality of our products and we claim the same in front of customers.

This strong quality controlled policies followed by us is the prime reason of our success and we promise that we will continue adhering to these policies throughout the existence of our firm.